Cash Back While You Play! Get Cash Back Quickly and Easily While You Play! POINTPlay allows M life Rewards Members to convert Cash Back balances (of $5 or more) to POINTPlay credits right at your favorite slot or video poker machine.

Get Started With POINTPlay

Simply visit the M life Players Club one time to establish your Personal Identification Number (PIN). With your PIN established you'll be able to access POINTPlay or FREEPLAY right from your favorite machine while you play.

If you already have a PIN, just follow the POINTPlay Shortcut Instructions (below) at your favorite slot or video poker machine today!

POINTPlay Shortcut Instructions

  1. Insert M life Players Club Card, wait for card holder to turn green
  2. Your player information will be placed on the display screen
  3. Touch the MENU button
  4. Enter Your "PIN"
  5. Select POINTPlay
  6. Select the amount of POINTPlay you would like to transfer
  7. Confirm the amount of POINTPlay you are transferring
  8. Begin Play
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use POINTPlay?

POINTPlay allows you to redeem your M life Players Club Point balances right at your favorite slot or video poker machine while you play.

Can I redeem POINTPlay at all machines?

Most of the slots and video poker machines at MGM Grand Detroit are POINTPlay ready. The few that are not have a notification on the front panel of the machine.

Do I have to use all the POINTPlay credits I redeem at one time?

No, you can cash out any available credits on your machine once they have been converted from Players Club Points to POINTPlay credits

I have more than one Players Club Card for my account. Can I use all of my cards to access POINTPlay?

No, if you use more than one card for your account, both will accumulate points; however, only the first card inserted for your account will allow you to access and convert M life Players Club Points to Players Club credits.

I can see my point balance and I have a PIN but the machine won’t let me access POINTPlay.

It is possible you have left your card in another machine and it has gone into "abandon card" status. Your card will still accrue points for play, but you will not be able to convert them to POINTPlay credits. Please check any machines you may have played earlier for your card and visit the Players Club to have your card reset.

* * *

Your M life Players Club Card is your key to POINTPlay, FREEPLAY, comps and more! Please be careful with your card and ensure you are protecting it from any chance of misuse.

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