FREEPLAY Rewards is a great bonus for M life Rewards Members! FREEPLAY is actual "credits" loaded directly to your M life Rewards account, giving you increased slot playtime, which always increases your chances of winning.

The Quick Way to FREEPLAY

  1. Insert M life Rewards Card, wait for card holder to turn green
  2. Your player information will be placed on the display screen
  3. Touch the MENU button
  4. Enter Your "PIN"
  5. Select FREEPLAY
  6. FREEPLAY balance will display
  7. Insert a minimum of $1 (CASH) to activate
  8. Begin Play

FREEPLAY = More Playtime = More Chances to Win!

It's Easy to Use FREEPLAY.

  • You must set up your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the M life Rewards Desk one time before you can access FREEPLAY for your account
  • FREEPLAY "pays you back" for your bet, whether it is a single coin or multiple coins
  • As credits are earned, your FREEPLAY bet can be increased and you will continue to be "paid back" for your bet until all FREEPLAY is used
  • Try your luck at "multiple machines"!* Just remove your M life Rewards Card, change machines and repeat Quick Way steps 1-8
Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which machines are FREEPLAY?

When you activate FREEPLAY using your M life Rewards Card and PIN, you will be prompted to select POINTPlay or FREEPLAY. If a machine does not access FREEPLAY, the option is not available.

Does FREEPLAY expire?

Yes and it will vary by promotion. Pay close attention to any promotional materials you receive to be sure you don't miss out on any FREEPLAY awarded to your account.

Can I choose not to use my FREEPLAY?

Yes. FREEPLAY is activated using your M life Rewards Card, PIN and a minimum of one coin. If you choose not to activate your FREEPLAY, it will not be used.

Will I earn M life Rewards Points and Comps when I use FREEPLAY?

You WILL NOT earn M life Rewards Points when you use FREEPLAY. You WILL earn comps when you use FREEPLAY.

Is FREEPLAY available on all slot and video poker machines?

If FREEPLAY cannot be accessed through your M life Players Club Card and PIN, it is not available. FREEPLAY is not available on participation machines.

Your M life Rewards Card is your key to FREEPLAYPOINTPlay, comps and more! Please be careful with your card and ensure you are protecting it from any chance of misuse. 

Membership in M life Rewards is a privilege and is extended to those who abide by club rules and procedures. Management reserves the right to change or revise M life Rewards policies and benefits at any time without notice.

* If FREEPLAY doesn't appear as an option, the game is not programmed for FREEPLAY. Please move to another machine.

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